Sales & Operations Planning:  The How-To Handbook

Sales and Operations Planning: The How-To Handbook by Thomas F. Wallace and Robert A. Stahl
Whether taking an exam preparation course or self-study, this CS&OP Certification Package is comprised of videos and books. These are primary resources necessary to study for the Certification Exam as outlined in the CS&OP Study Guide

Implementing S&OP now, or getting ready to?  This book will make your implementation more sure-footed, less risky, and more successful.  Tom covers all aspects of successful implementation, from composition of the Executive Team to the nitty-gritty of the S&OP spreadsheet design.

Already operating S&OP?  Learn how to improve the process and make it more effective and beneficial. 

 The 3rd Edition explains S&OP and

          How It Works
          How To Implement It with Low Cost and Low Risk
          How to Make It  Better  . . . and Better

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S&OP How-To Handbook - $65.95

New or enhanced material is added on:
* Implementation Methodology
* The "People" Part Implementation
* Change Management
* New Product Introduction
* Highly Variable Supply
* Managing Risk
* Graphical Displays (in color)
* Software Selection Criteria
* Fixing a Broken S&OP Process
* Examples from Real World Companies
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US & Canada:
S&OP How-To Handbook - $65.95
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S&OP Beyond the Basics - $57.95
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    Hear from our customers:

    "Going through the study materials for the exam really brought to light some of the problems we were having implementing S&OP at my workplace." - Debasis
    Save $$ by purchasing the How-to Handbook and the Beyond the Basics book together in a 2-book set.   

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