Online CS&OP Exam Practice Course

To empower CS&OP candidates to test with confidence, The S&OP Institute has developed an online quiz and exam practice course to supplement the CS&OP course of study and exam preparation.  

The CS&OP designation is a major step toward increasing your functional knowledge of sales and operations planning. By investing in the self-paced CS&OP exam practice course, you are one step closer to testing with confidence!

The online CS&OP exam practice course is designed to prepare and familiarize candidates with sales and operations planning concepts included in the CS&OP study guide and primary references.   With over 300 practice questions, the practice quizzes and practice exam questions are aligned with the CS&OP Study Guide.  

BookstoreThe CS&OP Exam Simulator offers a 90 day access that can be extended for additional 30-day intervals.

Self-paced practice quizzes
Answer timed quiz questions at your own pace and review references and rationales.  Quiz questions include true/false, matching, ordering, and multiple choice formats.

Timed exam
Test your knowledge and improve on your timing.  Similar to the final CS&OP exam format, the practice exam includes 50 multiple choice practice exam questions and upon completion, you will be provided your sample pass rate %.   You may take the timed quiz questions and practice exams as many times as you need during your access period.

The online exam practice course provides:
  • Rationale - Most practice quiz questions include the rationales and primary reference material information
  • Practice history – Links to saved and completed quizzes
Bookstore Candidates who successfully complete the practice exam have a high success rate when they take the actual CS&OP exam!  

Please note:  The S&OP Institute's CS&OP Online Exam Practice courses is for purchaser’s personal educational use only. Use for any other purpose is expressly prohibited. Purchaser may not photocopy, duplicate, translate, display, upload, modify, distribute, transfer (electronically or otherwise), or create derivative works of The S&OP Institute's CS&OP exam simulator, or any adaptation, transcription, portion, or merged portion thereof, except as expressly authorized in writing by The S&OP Institute.