Sample Exam Questions

More practice questions are available in the CS&OP Study Guide.

1. In most companies lacking an effective S&OP process, the following applies:
    I.   Communications are often fragmented and incomplete
    II.  The financial community doesn’t believe their earnings projections
    III. Teamwork can be improve

a.  I
b.  I and II
c.  I and III
d.  I, II and III
2.  S&OP primarily:
a.  Has nothing to do with strategy
b.  Is neither strategic or tactical
c.  Is totally focused on execution
d.  None of the above

3. The S&OP Planning Horizon should be set at:
a.  The cumulative lead time of the product
b.  18 months minimum to support business planning
c.  The planning time fence plus a factor for order preparation and release
d.  The lead times for major capital equipment

4. For a make-to-order product family, to reduce the order backlog requires which of the following:
    I.   Produce more than the sales rate
    II.  Sell less than is being produced
    III.  Cut the lead time
a.  I
b.  III
c.  I and II
d.  II

5. The Production Plan (Operations Plan) and the Master Production Schedule should:
a.  Be expressed in the same unit of measure
b.  Be approximately the same level of volume
c.  Be in the same level of granularity
d.  Extend over the same planning horizon

6. The Sales Forecast should be at a detailed level in which of the following:
a.  Across the entire planning horizon
b.  Up to the planning time fence
c.  From the planning time fence out to the end of the planning horizon
d.  Within the demand time fence

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answers: 1.d, 2. d, 3. b, 4. c, 5. b, 6. b