The following articles and white papers were written by Tom Wallace:

Sales and Operations Planning: The Next Generation

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) has emerged as a powerful decision-making tool for executives and managers.  It provides them with a window into the future and has been called    "top management's handle on the business."  Positive results that companies have realized from S&OP include both hard benefits (higher customer service, lower inventories, increased production efficiencies, etc.) and soft benefits (more effective decision-making, enhanced teamwork, better control of the business, etc.).  However, as complexity and the rate of exchange increase across the industrial landscape, the need has arisen for S&OP to become more powerful, more effective, and more useful to the executives and managers of manufacturing enterprises.  It's time for a new generation of S&OP.

Sales and Operations Planning: Costs and Benefits

 "How much does this S&OP stuff cost?" is a phrase eard more recently these days.  This white paper addresses that issue, first by discussing the benefits achieved by real-world companies, and then by identifying the relevant costs involved in an implementation.  The basis for this is thirteen companies - all successful users of the S&OP process, from all over the world, and in a wide variety of industries.

Lean Manufacturing and S&OP:  You need 'em both.

Authors Note:  I wrote this in response to requests for help in explaining  the relationship between Sales and Operations Planning and Lean Manufacturing.  I patterned it after Phil Crosby's famous elevator speech several decades ago.  Tom Wallace


Forecast Less and Get Better Results:  Lean Forecasting

This paper challenges conventional wisdom in the areas of forecasting and planning: that companies need to project forecasts and plans far into the future at a detailed, highly granular level.


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