Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the CS&OP certification process? 
Since this question is asked most frequently, we've put together a step-by-step approach to successfully passing the CS&OP Certification Exam.   We highly recommend that you download the CS&OP Study Guide, take a CS&OP certification review course offered through our global partners, and take advantage of our self-paced on-line practice exam tool available from our Bookstore.  

Is the exam broken out into different sections? 
Yes and no. When you take the exam, you’ll see that the sequence of the questions is random. However, inside the exam processing system, each question carries a code designating that it concerns primarily demand planning, supply planning, or managerial decision making and implementation. The results of the exam will show you how well you did in each of the three categories as well as the overall performance and score.  

Is there any benefit in studying the secondary reference books? 
There can be a benefit for the exam, by giving you a somewhat broader picture of the field but you will not be tested on any of that material. A greater benefit can come from enabling you to be helpful if your company is implementing or operating S&OP. 

Are certification review courses available? 
Yes, certification review courses are available on a global basis through The S&OP Institute and its network of Partners.  Visit our website for a list of authorized Partners, Calendar of Events, and upcoming courses.  In addition, sign up for email communications on our website.

Will I be tested on the S&OP spreadsheets? 
Yes. However, you will not be tested on how the report layouts should be formatted. You will be tested on the basic logic of S&OP, specifically how the numbers are calculated.

I work in the Demand Planning Department at my company, which uses S&OP. Will I need to study the material that deals with demand planning? 
Absolutely. The study material presents the standard way that the S&OP-related processes are done. Your company may or may not be doing it in the standard way, even though S&OP may be quite successful at your company. 

I work in the Production Planning Department at my company. Will I need to study the material that deals with supply planning? 
Yes, and for the same reason as in the Demand Planning question above. 

Does On-Line Coaching ever involve telephone conversations? 
It can. If the Coach feels that a direct conversation is needed, then he or she will schedule it with you at a mutually convenient time.  If you go through the entire study program and never need a phone conversation, that’s not bad news; that’s good news. It means you’re understanding the material quite well. 

Does CS&OP require certification maintenance?  
A certification maintenance program is in process for CS&OP, however this program will not be released until after January 1, 2017.  Candidates will be given 5 years to complete certification maintenance requirements. 

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