Redeem a Prepaid CS&OP Voucher

Looking to purchase a CS&OP exam for yourself or purchase CS&OP prepaid vouchers for your employees or course attendees? Please visit our Bookstore to place your order. 

Looking to redeem a prepaid CS&OP voucher received from your employer or sponsor organization? Please follow the steps below.

Gather your redemption information.  To complete the redemption form, you will need to identify the sponsor company and the CS&OP voucher number from this organization. Please gather this information before going to Step 2.

Complete the redemption form here.
 Please make sure to follow the directions noted in order to avoid a delay in processing your prepaid exam voucher.   After the  successful submission of the form, you will receive a confirmation screen such as:


The screen may take 5-20 seconds to load, depending on your internet speed.  If, for any reason you do not receive this confirmation screen, please return to Step 1 and resubmit the form.

Please note: Some companies prohibit the use of Google forms, so you may need to use a different computer.  Test your Google form access here – if you do not see a confirmation message, your use of Google forms may be restricted at this PC.  

Experience a problem?  Contact us. 

S&OP Certification Process

Complete the CS&OP Exam preparation and registration.  After submitting your Voucher redemption form, you will receive a pop-up confirmation.   Please review the instructions on the confirmation to continue with the exam registration process.  Return to Step 3 here.  

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