Steps to CS&OP Certification

Download the CS&OP Study Guide. The CS&OP Study Guide outlines the exam content and provides information on exam preparation options such as the highly recommended Certification Exam Package which consists of videos and books necessary to pass the exam. The guide also provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions and a limited number of practice questions.

Prepare for your CS&OP exam.  Attend an instructor-led course or choose from our self-study options:  
  • Attend a live, one or two day CS&OP Certification review course or workshop. Check out our calendar of classes offered through our global Partner network.  Don't see a course offered in your area? Contact us if you would like to schedule a course for your company.  
  • Need additional practice? Visit our Bookstore to order the self-paced, on-line exam practice course.  

Please note: During the study process, if and when difficulties in understanding are encountered, we strongly recommend interaction with the On-Line Coaches.   Visit our Bookstore to order a session. 

S&OP Certification Process

Sign up for the Exam.  Purchase an exam registration at our Bookstore or redeem your CS&OP exam voucher from your host company.   Once you purchase the exam via our secured PayPal process or redeemed your exam voucher, you will be shown a link to connect to Examsoft to create an ID and start the process to download the encrypted test. Do not try to run the encrypted test. 

Within 24 hours of registering with Exam Soft, you will receive an
email to confirm and a link to schedule a date and time of your exam through ProctorU. You will need to create a user ID with ProctorU as ExamSoft and ProctorU are two separate portals.  ProctorU is an international exam proctoring service independent of The S&OP Institute and ExamSoft. 
Take the Exam. 
Proctor U  will unencrypt your exam at the time you have scheduled your exam appointment.  ProctorU will monitor you throughout the exam.  

Candidates will immediately receive CS&OP exam results through a popup following the exam.  However, if you do not see the popup of your results immediately following your exam, please note that you will also receive an exam results confirmation via email within 48 hours.  

If you have not received your exam results confirmation within 48 hours, please contact us.  

Successful exam candidates will receive the Certified Sales and Operations Planning (CS&OP) certificate within 5-6 weeks of passing the exam.  

Don't know where to start?  Check out CS&OP Exam Preparation options.