Sales and Operations Planning Workshops

Sales and Operations Planning workshops help prepare you or or your workforce to demonstrate knowledge of sales and operations planning concepts.  Prepare your staff for an S&OP implementation or for certification - decide which course options below best fits your needs: 
 Introduction to Sales & Operations Planning 
CS&OP Exam Preparation
CS&OP Exam Preparation
S&OP Simulation*

S&OP Simulation* 
Workshop Length  One-Day
 Two-Day Standard
One Day Compressed
Two Day Standard  One Day Adder
Workshop Level  Beginning  Intermediate    Advanced     Intermediate  Beginning
Option to add "One Day Adder" for S&OP simulation?          
Option to include a two-hour compressed S&OP simulation session?          
In-house or Corporate Training Available?           
Public Courses Available?          
Includes Fundamentals of S&OP?           
Includes advanced ES&OP Implementation Path concepts and tools?          
Includes practical exercises?          
Prepares attendee for CS&OP Certification Exam?
Includes Participant Workbook?          
Requires purchase of CS&OP Primary Reference materials? (Optional)        
Option to purchase Certification Package?          
Option to purchase CS&OP Exam credits?          
Option to add online CS&OP exam preparation & practice quiz 90-day course?             
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*  Benefits of S&OP, Inputs & Outputs, Understanding of S&OP Grids, Five-step S&OP Process, Aggregate Planning with S&OP

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