Certified Sales and Operations Planning (CS&OP) Workshop

Certified Sales and Operations Planning (CS&OP) Certification Review Workshops are for professionals and business leaders who want to solidify and reinforce their skill sets with a unique certification focused on the Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) strategic planning process.  

Not quite ready for certification?  Check out our Introduction to Sales and Operations Planning workshop. 

CS&OP certification validates your expertise in a set of decision-making processes to balance demand and supply, to integrate financial planning and operational planning, and to link high level strategic plans with day-to-day operations.  S&OP has emerged as an essential management tool in the age of rapid change, increasingly demanding customers, and supply chains that extend a world away.  It's rightfully been called "top management's handle on the business."
This certification review course will take you through the ABC's of the S&OP process and guide you with tips on taking and passing the S&OP Certification exam offered by The S&OP Institute.  The compressed one-day workshop is focuses on concepts included in the CS&OP Exam.  


Topics Covered in this Workshop

Topics for the Certified Sales and Operations Planning (CS&OP) workshop include the following.  Please note that the Two-Day Workshop contains group and small team discussion sessions and a number of practical exercises to supplement the materials: 

 Session Title Description of Topics Included
 1. What is S&OP?  Where does it fit? S&OP versus ES&OP
 The Four Fundamentals
 Manufacturing Planning and Control Linkages
 2. Financial Planning Business Planning
 The Role of Top Management
 3. Benefits of S&OP Hard Benefits & Soft Benefits
 4. Relationship with Other Tools and Processes
 The Core Logic of S&OP
 5. A Better Way - Part 1 Display of Information
 6. A BetterWay - Part 2 The Defined Process for Decision-making
 7. Demand Planning Part 1:  Principles and Radical Thoughts
 8. Demand Planning Part 2:  New Product Introduction
 9. Supply Planning Resource Alignment
 Resource Requirements Planning
 10. The Pre-Meeting and Exec Meeting Objectives and Agenda
 Conflics and Consensus
 11. Risk Management Executive S&OP and Risks
 Complex Environments
 12. Implementation Principles Commitment
 Getting Started
 13. Fixing a Broken Process Executive Briefing
 Live Pilot - initial Steps
 14. Kickoff Session Phases Live Pilot - Data
 Demand & Supply Planning in Live Pilot
 15. Pre-Meeting and Exec Meeting Pilots Phase II - Expansion
Phase III - Full Financial Integration

Who Should Attend

S&OP is highly cross-functional and multi-level discipline within any organization. The workshop will be an ideal development opportunity for members at various levels in sales, production, operations, finance, marketing and planning.  Looking to implement Sales and Operations Planning at your company?  This training is a must!